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Brian will focus on Hobart being a great place to live, work, and enjoy life

 Brian will work to promote Hobart's heritage buildings and views

Brian will push to promote Hobart's heritage buildings, and heritage precincts, including in our suburbs - New Town is a good example.

The proposed sale of our historic sandstone Treasury buildings is a concern. These date back to 1823 and are are owned by all of us. Why not have a colonial art gallery, the visitor information centre, cafes, commercial space, and a library for housing and displaying our special heritage collections? There's lots of possibilities.

The mountain is our greatest heritage asset - a truely iconic asset, providing a powerful sense of place, and is of great importance to Hobart's future. It deserves respect, especially its connection to indigenous people.
Brian would like to see the City of Hobart become known as 'The Heritage City', allowing the Hobart City Council to consider what makes Hobart unique and special, and that heritage be given extra attention as part of every planning decision. Hobart is a heritage city and should remain that way. 30% of Hobart's buildings were built before 1850; 50% before 1900.

A good example of how heritage can be promoted: 40 Molle Street recently received 4 nominations in the Property Council national awards for how this heritage building was brilliantly adapted and re-purposed.

A good example of how heritage can look ugly is the massive billboard on the roof of the Maypole Hotel in New Town. This will be investigated - does it have planning permission? does it exceed a height limit?

Authorised by Brian Corr, 63 Clare Street, New Town 7008
Webmaster: Brian Corr
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