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Brian will focus on Hobart being a great place to live, work, and enjoy life

 Brian will work to reduce traffic congestion, while protecting our business community.

Our business areas need foot traffic, helped by ease of movement for pedestrians, vehicles (with parking), public transport, bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles. Businesses will not survive withour easy access, at a reasonable cost (or free). As an example, North Hobart urgently needs more parking to bring in more people and reduce congestion.

Changes to traffic policies must protect our business community.

Brian supports working with neighbouring Councils to reduce congestion to keep people coming into our business areas, for example 'park & ride', light rail, special traffic lanes, etc.
The safe use of two wheelers (bicycles, scooters, mototcycles) should be emphasised in our transport planning. Many people enjoy using these. More car parking would be available if we adopted Melbourne’s footpath parking law for bikes, adapted to suit Hobart.

There was a trial in February 2018, where buses were free if boarded before 7:00am. Brian suggests a longer trial, free until 8:30am, workdays only. Then see if it could be a full-time option.

Brian would like to see the new-style battery-powered light rail, on virtual tracks, investigated as an option for Hobart. This can be as effective as light rail at 10% of the price, carrying up to 500 people at once.

Authorised by Brian Corr, 63 Clare Street, New Town 7008
Webmaster: Brian Corr
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