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Brian will focus on Hobart being a great place to live, work, and enjoy life

 Brian will work to keep Hobart a low-rise human-scale city

Brian was the founding President of Hobart Not Highrise Inc., helping to lead the 'public movement' against the introduction of glass / concrete high-rise buildings in Hobart, involving 3 packed public meetings, deputations and submissions to Council, and assisting the media with their reporting.

High-rise buildings do not belong in Hobart. We know this. The polls agree, as do letters to The Mercury. We want sunshine on our streets, not shade and wind tunnels. Planners, architects, and developers, must take seriously the opinions of people who live here.
Brian agrees with Premier Will Hodgman who emailed (June 2018): "For my part, I stand by my comments that it is important to preserve what is special about Tasmania.  As stated during the election campaign [March 2018], the Liberal Government does not support Hobart becoming a home for sky-scrapers. Hobart is a low rise city and should remain that way. The Statewide planning scheme provides the tools for local government to manage these issues, with the Hobart City Council having the ability to put a sensible and practical hard ceiling on maximum building heights."

Authorised by Brian Corr, 63 Clare Street, New Town 7008
Webmaster: Brian Corr
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