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Brian Corr
Brian is raising funds to be able to pay part of his campaign to be elected as an Alderman in the October 2018 City of Hobart Council elections.

Brian has 10 policies (see below) that, if elected, he will push hard to achieve, updating this website to keep you informed.

All money raised will help pay for leaflets, and other marketing, during the election campaign.

Brian is grateful for any support you can provide.

Donations can be made in the following ways:
Brian's 10 Policies:
 Brian will work to keep Hobart a low-rise human-scale city
 Brian will work to reduce traffic congestion, while protecting our business community
 Brian will work to protect residents against loss of amenity (sunlight etc.) in residential areas
 Brian will work closely with community groups, keeping Local Government 'local'
 Brian will work towards Hobart being an official 'Age-Friendly City'
 Brian will work to promote Hobart's heritage buildings and views
 Brian will work to retain ownership of City of Hobart-owned land & buildings
 Brian will work to keep rates close to the Consumer Price Index (CPI)
 Brian will work for Hobart to become carbon-neutral, and plan for climate change
 Brian will work to have the use of 3D modelling extended in the City's planning area
* Click on each policy number for more details
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